Erba da grace – hemptiva

Erba da Grace

First off thank you guys for sending me this Erba da Grace strain to review. These guys contacted me asking if I would be interested in sampling some and reviewing it. who am I to let you down ah so here’s my review. I dont know what happened to this company they just vanished such a shame.

*** looks and smell***

The packaging on this Erba da grace is great it was heat sealed and zip sealed for freshness. When opening the packet of this I was greeted with a sweet smelling aroma. You get that haze a deep zesty peppery smell like a deep hazey smell. Its a great smelling flower for sure. The buds are very compact and trimmed up well. It’s a little on the dry side but that does not bother me at all. As that’s how I like it at times.


The effects on this strain are very good. It has a great relaxing vibe to it not to heavy but you know you have smoked it. My troubles just drifted away in to a pleasant sense of zen. Its a great evening time smoke for me and it’s a shame I’ve now smoked it all

***Flavour ***

This flavour is fresh on the pallet you get that zesty citrus skunky flavour. But then hit with that hazy dank flavour on the exhale. It’s got that piney diesely vibe to it and the flavour lingered for a good 45 mins after I finished smoking it

***Conclusion*** 8.5/10

This is a great all rounder for me effects were great and the flavour is spot on. If your looking for a tasty treat the do give these guys a try and a massive thanks for sending me this to review. Great customer service and a pleasure to talk to.