Gelatos – Paradise CBD

Gelatos paradise cbd

As always a massive thank you to my paradise family for always showing me plenty of support and always going that extra mile for me and this new Gelatos looks and smells amazing.

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Strain: gelato

Area Of Origin: unknown CBD

Content: unknown

Total Cannabinoids: unknown

*** looks and smell***

So the looks on this are outstanding I mean just look at this frosty well formed dense mix of light an dark greens. This thing has a lovely coating of trichomes that shine in the light. It’s very well formed,cured and trimmed to perfection. The aromas I’m getting are a sweet sharp fruit that has a dank undertone to it. Once it hits the grinder that pungent aroma just fill the air.

***Flavour ***

Flavour on this is a sweet dank fruity,creamy inhale that is followed up by a smooth earthy skunky profile that is then hit with a sweet fruity aftertaste.


This is a nice relaxing number for me I’ve hit the dynavap with 2 heat cycles and now just finished my second hit on the volcano. I must say my eyes are feeling this one. My mind is slowing an the waves of relaxation are flowing nicely. A great strain for me to end the day with, well done guys.

*** conclusion *** 8/10

Yet again paradise bringing another great strain to market. Can see this working it’s magic for me at the end of the day a great way to unwind. Thanks again paradise it’s always a pleasure and can’t wait for the next instalment