Gorilla glue – Graded Green

gorilla glue graded green

First of all many thanks to Shaun over at gradedgreen For the care package this Gorilla Glue looks amazing. An the quick delivery as always is always a nice touch

1 of a 5 part review As I have 5 strains from graded to try.

Strain: gorilla glue

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*** looks and smell***

First looking at this when I opened the well packed sample. It came in a clear screw lid tube. Sealed in a smell proof head sealed baggie. Bud is a nice cured tight bud. This has been cured just right and still has that fresh feel to it. Smell wise as soon as I broke the heat sealed pack you get treated to a pungent sweet earthy smell that has a twist to it, like a sour citrus smell that just gets the nostrils flapping for sure, absolutely a fragrance I love.

graded green delivery


This is a great evening smoke for me, after 1 bowl in the khan and 20 mins in its taking hold of my eyes an giving me heavy eye syndrome. I’m feeling very relaxed an mellow, I’m a natural stresshead an this has chilled me right out. My body is all ready for a good night’s sleep for sure, all relaxed and stress free.

***Flavour ***

Flavour is very nice , fresh with that earthy sweet taste to it definitely a sweet sour sort of taste to it but has a pungent citrus after toon to it on the exhale that sticks to the lips an pallet just right. Definitely a great classic gorilla glue .

***Conclusion*** 9/10

I’m sure if you got this you would not be disappointed, buds as dense well cured, over all a great flower and a must have if you love gorilla glue, I’m glad I have 2 grams of this not that it’s going to last me long