Grape – Cbdistillery

This is my first cart Review Grape from cdistillery so hopefully more in the not so distant future.

Manufacturer: Cbdistillery


Strength:200mg over 5ml

Strain : Grape


The packaging that the little cart site in is very pleasant on the eye. Nice design and the cart itself comes with a rubber protection on the 510 an in the mouth peace . The cart itself is made of stainless and is very heavy. An to me that speaks volumes on a quality product. The colour difference in the oils to the pic on site. The ones on the site are totally different colour. I was expecting a light oil an not a deep dark brown oil. Not sure what to make of that as it’s my first ever cart could be normal. But I say it could have been on the shelf a very while at the manufacturers and oxidised. Hence the dirty brown colour.


Well being a avid Vaper for the last 4 years I’m become very picky with the flavours I vape. I’m 1000% a flavour chaser even when it comes to cbd products. It’s got to taste just right or I don’t enjoy it. This is a real tuff one for me. Being my first cart Review and no other to judge the standard by. It says grape on it but to me I’m not to sure what to make of it. This is not like any grape I’ve ever tasted. It’s very bland in flavour. I’ve tried it on 3 different heat settings but it just tastes the same to me.


Well for a little cart It is quite punchy so to speak. I’ve had 4 pulls on low I can say it does have some effectiveness to it. I’m a little more chilled out and I’ve been stressed like mad today. I’m sure if you vaped more of this you would feel more of its effects for sure.

***Over all***

Effects 6.5/10

Flavour 2/10 ( I’m to fussy I think)

Cart quality 10/10

Effects are good. Also very handy being a little 510 vape pen you can be kept out of sight easy. It doesn’t give off a huge smell like vaping flower or extracts so it’s great for that.