Harlequin – Paradise CBD


As always to start with a massive thanks goes out to the team over at paradise cbd for the Harlequin hook up. It’s always appreciated for sure an can’t wait to review this one.

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Strain: Harlequin

*** looks and smell***


This one is a little leafy to look at but it’s coated in shimmery trichomes. Like super shiny in the light. The cure is just right. This flower has some purple in it that I didn’t notice until it hit the light box. The aroma from this one is a sweet musk with a peppery back end to it. It’s a real fruity one that has the sense going mad. A real great look an smell to it . I can not wait to try this one.


So this is a real relaxing strain for me. My eyes are feeling a little heavy. Definitely left me feeling a lot More chilled as I’ve been a stroppy so am so today. This one has bought me back to a leg off my high horse. My broken foot is thankful for this strain today as it’s been giving me a bit of hip today an this sure beats any man made pill to help ease it. An absolute winner for mind an body effects.

***Flavour ***

So this has a hashy earthy inhale that is a dank deep kind of woodie musky flavour, but on the exhale it’s got a soft kind of fruity undertone that is sweet yet musky and peppery . Over a real nice dank flavour for sure


First harlequin I’ve tried and I must say I like this one a lot. Never judge a flower by its looks but this one I did an it’s looks great yes it’s not super solid and dense of a indica but light an wispy of a sativa yet has the effects of a indica. Great job paradise this ones a banger.