Honey lemon cheese – Paradise CBD

honey lemon cheese

Here we are again people, a huge thank you to the paradise team as always for hooking me up with this Honey Lemon Cheese flower to review for them. As always you need to check out paradise and see what they have got going on.

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Strain: Honey lemon cheese

*** looks and smell***

So this bud is a little different from there normal products this one is a light an wispy bud but don’t let that put you off these buds are jam packed with trichomes an the bud it’s self is like a green slash golden yellow in colour. The smell from this is a sweet earthy cheese with a zesty peppery backend with a musky smell to it. Its very potent smell just fills the air. I would put this in a air freshener if I could and spray it everywhere.


So the effects from this are very uplifting for me not heavy on the eyes or body. I’m feeling very clear headed after a good few pulls on the dynavap. The flavour on a low temp hit are out of hand sweet creamy inhale with that earthy peppery backend. It’s a well balanced hybrid flower that ticks all the boxes for me.

***Flavour ***

This one is another that tastes just like it smells fruity earthy and musky all wrapped up in to one fine flower. It sticks to the pallet and definitely has me going back to the vap for another hit.


Over all a great way to relax or to get up an go. Most defiantly a great tasting flower with the effects to match. This flower will get your taste buds dancing and the juices flowing. Great job guys yet another great flower bought to market.