lemon – Graded Green

lemon gradedgreen

So this Lemon is a for review from the guys over at @gradedgreen this company always go above and beyond and never fails to impress.


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Strain: lemon (new batch)

*** looks and smell***

This flower is by far the best lemon I have tried to date. As soon as you open the package you are slapped in the face with that unforgettable lemon haze smell. I mean this is what the original thc used to smell like bk in the late 90s. It’s got that super sweet zesty smell that is so pungent an fruity it makes my mouth water big time. For looks it’s a beautiful flower to look at covered in trichomes some lovely pale greens in there too. It’s got a little sweet leaf still attached but when it’s this good who cares as I sure don’t.


Effects are just what I look for very calming, not to heavy on the eyes. Just takes me to my place of zen. Takes away all the stress an pains from the day and makes you forget you have them.

***Flavour ***

Flavour is a full on sweet zesty. With a little peppery backend but the sweetness over powers it all. Over all this is one tasty ass flower for sure and is top of my list to date


Great all round flower for those who want to be able to manage to get things done. Yet still have the effects they are after. 100% must have if you love your lemon for sure