Lemon Haze pre roll – CBD.Office

lemon haze pre roll

Massive shout to the guys over at @cbd.office for the Lemon haze pre roll to try this thing smells so dam fruity it’s unreal could smell it in my post box as I walked in from work haha Different kind of Review from me being a pre roll.

***Flavour and smell***

This pre roll is one badass of a pre roll. Rammed packed with some real stinky lemon haze cbd flower. I mean it’s as close to the real thing smell wise in my opinion as u can get. I’ve added some of this to my vapouriser and the smoke is absolutely delicious. Its got that great pungent sweet dank smelling aroma that smokes like it smells. Fills the air with that fresh dank smell. Flavour wise it’s a sweet dank peppery haze with that fruity citrus zest to it.


This pre roll came in a handy hard joint holder and that’s a great plus as its re useable. The roll it’s self is just right, very clean roll that is a perfect in every way possible. The bud inside is ground just right an has not stalk init no bits of seed or anything.


This is a heavy hitter that defines what a haze should hit like. Heavy on the head yet clears the mind from the on set. Feeling clear headed yet getting swallowed up by the sofa with that warm happy melting away all my troubles vibe. I feel absolutely licked off this my eyes are definitely well on the heavy side of life. Could go to sleep I think right about now.

***Overall pre roll*** 5/5

Great job on this one guys. It’s my second pre roll I’ve had and it’s absolutely banging. Great customer service. It’s a must if you love your pre rolls then you have to grab a few of these