Mango haze – Graded Green

mango haze graded green

So this is a Mango Haze review from the guys over at gradedgreen and I thank you as always for the top quality service and products alike


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Strain: mango haze

*** looks and smell***

Well the looks on this fine ass looking bud are stunning. A beautiful light green shades with plenty of orange shoots all over the bud. There is plenty of shiny trichomes all over this bud an it a pleasure to look at. As for the smell right away you get that zesty sweet fruity smell. With that dank peppery haze smell deep on the back end of it. This smells so dam good being a haze lover from day one it’s a smell I just love.


Effects wise it is a great all rounder I mean it will work well as a wake and bake. But also a great evening smoke. I feel so relaxed right now. My eyes are a little heavy yet my body feels uplifted an energetic. I’m very level headed an chilled the f**k out after a day at work

***Flavour ***

Well this is one lip smacking tasty haze on the inhale. You get the piny peppery haze with that woody dank taste in the back In the nose. On the exhale u get that sweet smooth zesty fruity flavours coming through, this is one tasty haze for sure


Yet another a grade strain from graded green. This is up there with the rest of there flowers they stock. This is a great all rounder an tastes an looks great. A must have if your a haze lover like me