Mango kush – Paradise cbd

Firstly a massive thanks goes out to the team over at paradise cbd for the hook up of this Mango Kush. It’s always appreciated for sure an can’t wait to review this one.

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Strain: Mango kush

*** looks and smell***

Well just look at this flower it’s a thing of beauty. Well formed bud that is covered in trichomes and it is a yellowish green in colour that has some dark patches of green to it. It’s got plenty of Deep orange shoots all over the place. It’s been cured just right and grinds up a treat and fills the grinder with its fluffy consistency.

The smell from this is a musky pungent smell that is typical of a kush, it has a fruity zesty aroma that hits the pallet and the nostrils. It’s sweet yet has a deep woodie/pine backend to it an man it smells great.


This one has a good calming effect on me not to heavy and left me feeling ready for the day. My mind was at ease after hitting this a few times. You have to remember that each person’s view will be different from each other’s. What I experience may be different from the next persons. But over all a great effect for me

***Flavour ***

The flavours on this are a woodie/pine inhale that’s has a deep earthy taste to it and on the exhale you get a creamy smooth zesty taste that sticks to the pallet.


Over al this is a fine example for a flower that does the job I need it to. A must try for all those kush lovers out there. Great job paradise