Mixed smalls – Paradise CBD

mixed smalls

As always a massive thank you to the paradise team for sending me a couple of tins of their mixed smalls to try. These will keep me going for a little while that’s for sure.

Be sure to check them out people and they are offering a price match if you find it cheaper else where.

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Strain: mixed smalls

*** looks and smell***

First of these little tins are great. l love it that you just don’t know what your going to get with the smalls tins. Soon as I popped these tins open I looked at them an thought what is this old bone dry bud about? I got a full on deep musky smell that is kind of sweet in some ways. But a deep musk is very dominant with this delivery. The buds are bone dry an that’s not a issue for me a quick rehydrate an I’m happy. So many small nugs in here but just remember it grinds up all the same. Never to judge a bud by it’s looks. There is a mixed selection of buds in here some dark some light a real mixture of smalls from all over the plant.


Well the effects have had from this is definitely a heavy onset. My mind an body both feeling heavy. I’m definitely using this as an evening smoke for me. It’s not as uplifted like some more of a just let me sit here an do sweet naff all. I would have never of thought it just looking at the tin as soon as I opened it the effects would be as strong as they are. Very underestimated by me that’s for sure. I took on look an smell an thought this is not going to end well at all. But how wrong was I indeed.

***Flavour ***

This has a real deep musky/diesel/earthy profile to it on the inhale. I was quite surprised with the flavour as I can’t really put a finger in it as to what’s inside the tin. It’s got a similar taste as to some banana kush with a kind of pinene cheese kind of exhale it’s a unique profile what ever the strains are inside.


First impression of this was like what is this dried up old musky tin about. Nothing like paradise normally send me but I never judge a bud by the looks an smell. These little buds rock and get the job done for me, a great evening smoke for sure. Looks can be deceiving an with the effects they sure are on this one. Many thanks as always paradise an great job again keep up the great work. It’s deeply appreciated as always