Og Kush Dreams – Sweed dreams

Og Kush Dreams

So this Og Kush Dreams was sent to me by the guys over at @sweed.dreams.cbd an their service was outstanding I mean come on it came from spain to me in the UK in under 24 hours door to door. Well done guys that’s really impressive.


*** looks and smell***

Well on first glimpse of this has in the packet it looked like your everyday hash. Once opening the packet you get that sweet sweet kushy smell. Its not like others I’ve tried. This does not smell that deep solid smell, you get a pleasant sweet pungent smell that you will not forget. To look at its a nice light brown with that faint yellow tinge to it. It’s nice and soft like the old skool black stuff but much softer an more playable .

Og Kush Dreams


This one is a great hash. As soon as I took that first hit I knew this was going to be a winner. It definitely does have a hashy taste to it but it’s sweet. Not harsh but on that exhale you get the full on Og lip smacking sweetness to it. It burns great in a pipe an get a few good hits one it

***Flavour ***

Flavour is very nice , fresh Og sweetness yet still keeps that solid hash vibe alive just on the sweeter side and for me big a big solid guy back in the days many moons ago this is up there with the best of em.


9/10I’m sure if you got this you would not be disappointed a great tasting hash that has all the great properties that we as hemp consumers look for in a hash. Great job guys.