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og kush extract labs

Last review on the 3 extractlabs extracts I bought from the guys over at @gradedgreen OG Kush terpene infused. Be sure to grab some as they are on sale through them at the moment

strain : og kush

Cbd content: 800mg cbd 1g crumble

Sourced from : @gradedgreen

Manufacturer: @extractlabs

***Looks and smell***

Well to look at this OG Kush terpene infused extract is a deep orange almost brown in colour, the gram was very dusty comparing to the other 2 that were just 1 would lump of wax. Not that it’s a bad thing as saves me breaking it up. The smell of this is pungent from the second you open the pot an break the seal. It’s kind of sweet smelling, quite pleasant on the nose very floral aroma


Flavour wise it’s kind of woody and has an earthy undertones to it like you would expect from a kush strain. It was a little harsh towards the end of the dab but that could just be my ember an running out quicker than I expected, but over all a great tasting dab


From this dab in feeling quite at ease with my self my eyes feeling quite on the heavy side. My knees are feeling so much better and not in pain after the days grind. To be honest I’m feeling quite melted by this it would definitely help you sleep as I can feel this would be a strong hit from a rig as it’s pretty potent from the micro dose I just took

***Conclusion*** 9/10

Well this is a great pain relief and a good way of getting ready for sleep. Another great product from @extractlabs and I look forward to trying some more in the near future and as always thank you to graded green for the prompt delivery and outstanding service.