Pineapple Express Cart – GradedGreen

First 2022 review for my graded green family the all new Pineapple Express cart. As always Got to give a massive thank you to my gradedgreen family, their continued support over the last 2 years near have been second to none. Always going above and beyond my expectations.


Disposable vape cart

Strain: Pineapple Express

Strength: 70% Total Hemp Derived Cannabinoids and 30% All Natural Botanical Terpenes

*** Device***

Well just look at this cart. It’s a thing of beauty, white ceramic mouth piece and chamber with a glass housing. The cart produces a clean tasting draw. The 510 is smooth like butter when attaching to a device. The air flow on this cart is very airy. You feel like you not getting much on the inhale as it’s so smooth. But as soon as I let out the vapour I was very impressed with the clouds.

graded green cart packing
graded green cart packing


This one for me is a. Wet relaxing strain an all the terpenes work well together and gave me a very pleasant sense of relaxation. I was very uptight before sitting with this in my hand for a while and forgetting it’s not my normal vape mod. I must admit I slept very heavy with this one. So I was very much right where I needed to be before bed. This left me hugging the sofa for a while an nearly falling alseep watching a film. It was a nice way to help me get off to the land of nod. Yet at the same time feeling very content .

***Flavour ***

So with this is a sweet floral inhale. When exhaled you get that herby piney backend that is mixed with that sweetness from the inhale. It’s a very smooth profile. All elements of this complex profile work in harmony together. This gives that full on express profile that is knowing world wide.

***Conclusion*** 9/10

This is a great way to unwind. Definitely a great way of getting that release you need while out and about. It’s not in your face and people don’t really look at people vaping. So a good device to have when out in public. Flavour is spot on and the cart is a thing of beauty. Great job graded can’t wait to try the others