Pineapple – Paradise cbd


Many thanks to the guys over at paradise cbd for sending me a few strains of flower to review and this Pineapple smells great, it’s deeply appreciated guys and I very humbled indeed. Massive thanks to Mike and Amy they owners for bringing some great products to market. It’s always a pleasure talking to you and your always there’re to answer my questions

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Strain: pineapple

*** looks and smell***

this pineapple first off smells so dam fruity, I mean this has a full on pineapple smell to it and I was quite shocked to be fair. I was totally not expecting it to be that strong a pineapple. As for looks these little nuggets shine they are well formed covered in trichomes. It’s a beautiful looking flower indeed and if like me and love flower that’s smells so good you could eat it then this strain rocks and ticks them boxes


So after loading up the dynavap and taking 3 hits with this pineapple, I’m feeling quite chilled but very clear headed it’s not like some that are heavy on the eyes an chest, for me this is a great day time strain and has given me a nice boost in my mood and feeling more awake yet chilled. Can see this being a great wake an bake as will definitely feel ready for the day ahead.

***Flavour ***

Flavour is a a rich fruity inhale that you get the sweetness from that pineapple just oozes out all over the taste buds, it’s stick to the pallet and stays all the way to the end, you do get a earthy exhale that’s kind of woodie but that sweetness is still there and it’s lip smacking good.


Firstly impressed with the stench on this an the looks are to die for. Such a great tasting flower. A must if your in to flavour like me.