Purple double OG – High Kind

Just want to say to the team over at highkind, I’m very humbled for the chance on reviewing some more of your products it’s always a pleasure and this Purple double OG looks and smells amazing. Hats off to you guys each and every time you always go above and beyond expectations with the products you send me and the quality is just mind blowing

Manufacturer: https://highkind.com

Strength:700mg/1g cbd 70% cannabinoids

Flavour profile: purple double og (diamonds and sauce) limited edition

***Packaging and looks***

Yet again another great bit of Packaging as all the products from highkind. Only difference this time round being the diamond and sauce collection the glass jar comes with a white bung in the top. This keep all them saucy terps in the jar and not lose any along the way. Soon as you break that seal. Pop that top you are greeted with some sexy looking shards that are just swimming in a terpy sauce. I mean this extract just screams highend extract from the second you clamp eyes on it. The shards are a real nice yellow colour with a matching sauce that’s a clear but yellowish in colour. This stuff can get messy so just take your time in loading her up. You don’t want to lose any of that goodness to the floor.

***Flavour and smell***

Now, as for the smell of this beautiful extract it’s a lip smacking. Nose hair grabbing, sweet berry og kush so you know it’s definitely got that dank smell to it. I mean this this thing is loud. Making my taste buds dance. As for the taste of this its just like it smells. You get that deep og kush dankness on the inhale that gets your juices flowing. The exhale is a sweet yet deep fruity berry flavour that sticks to every taste bud going. I do love a og kush profile but this takes it to the next level.


Word from the wise, take this with extreme caution, it’s a power house of a extract. A complete weapon in its own right. I dabbed a match head sized peace. Let’s just say within 40 seconds of the exhale that warm rush came over me like a wave of euphoria. After the wave levelled off. My mind is sharp like in total focus mode. Also feeling quite creative and my mood has changed from a grumpy old git mood to I couldn’t car

*** Conclusion*** 10/10

This for me is a great extract. Such a great day or night time strain, great job guys and i can not wait for the next instalment.