Purple stardawg – GradedGreen

purple stardawg

Here ww have the Purple Stardawg from the team over at gradedgreen. As always a massive thank you for the continued support.

3 of a 5 part review As I have 5 strains from @gradedgreen to try.

Strain: purple stardawg

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*** looks and smell***

Well can I say the looks on this strain an bud speak for its self. The bud is well formed an tight. The colours on this are out of hand. Some dark greens an some very dark purple like almost black give this bud a very sexy look to it. The orange shoots stand right out on this one. The smell as soon as u open the packet is a sweet pungent earthy fruity kind of peppery smell it. Very much like a purple haze yet the earthy smell of the dawg. Smells so good once ground up in the grinder. All the combinations together are so morish I could sniff this all day long.


This off the bat for me is a great hitter and my negative attitude has vanished I feel relaxed and at peace with ones self. This for sure is uplifting yet a great relaxing smoke to say the least. My eyes feeling wonky on one side and that just shows me this is a winner. I have a get feeling inside an could see this being a all day smoke if you have any pain it will surly help out alot

***Flavour ***

Flavour is out of hand so dam tasty get that hazey peppery taste on the inhale but on the exhale you get that earthy sweet taste of the dawg, it taste just as good as it smells. Reminds me very much of purple haze on the flavour and the sweetness sticks to the roof of my mouth even 20 mins on after hitting it I can still taste it.

***Conclusion*** 10/10

This is a great all day smoke l, smells great looks absolutely stunning. I’m sure if you are a dawg fan an a purple haze fan this is going to be one of your favourite strains. What a combination absolutely love it.