Rainbow sherbet – GradedGreen

rainbow sherbet

As always a massive shouts to my graded family and the new drop and this Rainbow Sherbet Cart. It’s always appreciated and remember you can save 15% with code : C15


Disposable vape cart

Strain: rainbow sherbet

Strength: 70% Total Hemp Derived Cannabinoids and 30% All Natural Botanical Terpenes

*** device***

Straight away the packing and cart are a thing of beauty, the golden honey coloured Distillate just shines like a bright beacon in the distance. So sexy looking an mounted on a white battery just kicks it off for me.


Well this one from the onset is a great pain reliever I mean I had a tooth ache that has been throbbing all morning so decided to give this one a try see how it preformed. After 7 or 8 puffs the effects are in full swing for me. My eyes are feeling heavy compared to 15 minutes ago my mind is resting and my tooth ache has calmed right down, I can see this one helping me a lot when I’m feeling the strain of the days grind. This is a great cart that hits well and does just what I need it to.

***Flavour ***

Straight away you get a deep herby profile. This is then followed with a fruity flower like inhale. On the exhale you get a sweet herby sherbet that is very unique and definitely moreish so I must remember to put it down as it’s not a normal e juice.

***Conclusion*** 9/10

Again another great cart from graded green an im very impressed with the cali cart range sand a must try. It’s a flavour power house.