Raspberry mega fruits – Canevolve

Here we go again people with the new Raspberry mega fruits. A massive thanks to the canevolve uk team for the hook up it’s deeply appreciated for sure. Don’t forget to check them out people some great deals to be had at super low prices


Strain: mega fruits ( raspberry)

Strength: 96% broad spectrum crumble

*** looks and smell***

What can I say about this one is it lives up to the name mega fruits. Soon as you pop this one open you get a full on raspberry aroma. It’s a real sweet smelling fruity jar of goodness. As you can see this has come in little amber slabs. This is more like a shatter than a crumble. But that’s not a bad thing as it’s easy to work with, it breaks up with ease. As for looks on this one it’s a amber colour that is transparent in places. A real clean looking extract that just screams quality. I still can’t get over the sweet raspberry smell, it smells so dam good an mega fruity.


So after loading a small chunk in to the vision and taking a good few hits. I was like ok this is a mild extract. After sitting here for 15 minutes I am feeling much more relaxed in my self. After a stressful weekend this has definitely helped me unwind on a Sunday evening. I can see this one helping with my anxiety as I’m feeling pretty calm and level headed right now. My eyes do feel a little heavier than they were before I hit this. It’s not a full on body feel to it. That could change when I go back to it for a few more goes this evening.

***Flavour ***

This is a one way ticket to raspberry heaven. It has got that sour bite to it like a fresh raspberry has. It’s got a kind of bitter back end to it like a raspberry has but nothing to complain about. It’s very much a full on flavour banger in my puffco vision pen. Great profile for sure and definitely one for you sweet tooth lovers out there.


Massive thanks to the canevolve team for the hook up. This one is yet another great product you guys have bought to market. It’s always appreciated the support I get from companies and reviewing your products has been a pleasure. So here to the next one, can’t wait as I have a few here to review still