Red Lebanese hash – Paradise CBD

The all new red Lebanese hash from paradise. As always a massive thank you to the paradise team for their continued support and it’s always pleasure reviewing for you and always pushing forward from strength to strength.


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Strain: red Lebanese hash

*** Looks and Smell***

This hash is a deep reddish brown in colour, it’s oily with a semi soft complexion. It breaks up nice and easy without a lighter and doesn’t leave any stains on the fingers like the old skool stuff. The aromas I’m getting are a creamy sweet aroma with a soft zest to it. It smells very hashy with a deep dank aroma. Such a nice looking and smelling hash.

***Flavour ***

So this one to start with is full on dank creamy hashy goodness followed with a sweetness. This is a full on deep hash profile that will please the seasoned hashtranort. It definitely takes me back to the late 90s of my hash smoking days.


Effects on this are very relaxing, my body is feeling this one and after the day I’ve had at work and all the heavy lifting this is just what I need to unwind for sure

*** Conclusion *** 8/10

What a great edition to paradise’s hash collection. Over the last year these guys have had some amazing hashes in stock and this one’s not exception it’s a winner for me and definitely recommend this one. Thanks again guys an I can not wait for the next instalment