Sherbet – Paradise cbd


Once again a massive thanks to paradise cbd for the support and sending out more flower strains to review including this Sherbet strain. It’s always appreciated and very humbling indeed. You guys always go above and beyond and that is highly respected in my eyes. If you don’t know about paradise then get to know people

Strain: sherbet

*** looks and smell***

This sherbet looks pretty dam good it’s a mixture of light an dark greens and the rich in trichome coverage. The amount on this when inspected is out of hand it’s absolutely coated. The cure is spot on nice an fresh, dry yet still sticky from all the trichomes. It’s has a Yellowish/green tint to the Crystals. Still a little sweet leaf to it but nothing that bothers me. The smell to this one is a deep musky smell with a kind of piney sweetness to it.


This flower is one for clearing the head I think, it’s not heavy at all on the body more of a uplifting strain for me. I loaded up the dynavap and heated the first time up the top of the chamber to get the best flavour and the second time lower on the cap to get the deep full effects from the flower. I’m definitely staying this is a great wake an bake as I am most definitely able to function and get things done so that is a plus of you are looking for a less heavy feeling in the morning .

***Flavour ***

The flower on the inhale is a woody/pine that kind of a sweet earthy taste. An the exhale is smooth and a dank rich kind of sweet in a way but not a over powering sweet fruity flavour. Very nice to vape on and could easily use this one all day


Great day time strain that will help you feel a bit more you. It’s another great flower from paradise an worth a try if you in too your deep musky profiles. Great job guys and. Thank you again