Sherleto – Graded green


So this is a sherleto review for the guys over at @gradedgreen. Got to give a massive thank for the hook up as always.


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Strain: sherleto

*** looks and smell***

Soon as I cracked this out the packet. I was treated with a sweet aroma that has a nutty berry back end. I must say it is a very good smelling bud. Its a well formed solid bud even the little big is formed to perfection. Its a great mix of green colours with plenty of sticky sweet trichomes all over. Laced with plenty of deep orange shoots all over. Over all this bud is just want I look for in a bud well formed great trim an cure not leafs or stalks just what the doctor ordered..


With this one id say it’s a great day time smoke relaxing yet energetic at the same time. I’ve had a hard day’s graft an I feel like there is still more energy left in the tank right now after smoking some of this. Its has taken away my grumpy old self an brought me bk to realise I can be happy at times haha. I must admit my eyes feeling a little heavy but not to heavy just that relaxed mellowed out one

***Flavour ***

The flavour on this is a sweet inhale can’t put my finger on what sort of sweetness itis it’s kind of fruity kind of zesty. On the exhale u get that musky nutty skunky dank vibe to it. I can not complain on the taste it’s one of them ones just all round flavour banger


No surprise here that this is another banging bud from the guys over at gradedgreen an hats off to them from bringing another killer product to the people