Sky walker – Graded Green

sky walker graded green

A massive thanks for the care package guys as always it’s truly appreciated as always and for this new sky walker . Yet again you have outdone yourself with another killer flower


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Strain: Skywalker

*** looks and smell***

Well what a fruity aromatic pungent kushy smell you get when you open the Sky Walker packet on this one. I mean it’s slap in your face as soon as you crack open the packet. The buds are full on coated in a shimmery glisten in the light. The buds are well formed well cured an trimmed to perfection. It’s so fruity with that piney backend that just lingers in the air. When smoked it fills the room with that dank sweet fruity smell that just just takes you to heaven..


This is a great evening and daytime strain. It kicks in very quick and is a great pain reliever, it can definitely clear the mind as I’ve had a hectic day an this just helps clear all the days stresses away. It has a nice body high to this, I can feel me an my sofa becoming great friends this evening as I unwind with this in hand. The force is strong in this one (pun intended)

***Flavour ***

Flavour is a sweet fruity one with that kushy piney aftertaste that just doesn’t want to leave my lips. If your a kush fan and love a fruity flavour then definitely this is for you


Not being a Kush lover normally this flower hash changed my prospective on kush and is a great all round winner for me. Great job as always guys this is what I like to see. Flowers that can change your mind and help you along the way.