Sour diesel – Graded Green

sour diesel graded green

So this my Sour diesel is a for review from the guys over at gradedgreen. these guys pride themselves on quality even in their budget range.


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Strain: sour diesel

*** looks and smell***

Well soon as I opened the tub I was treated with a sweet sweet armour of this Sour Diesel. I mean this just screams at you from the pot with an intense deep dank sweet smelling aroma. Its got that sweet deep spicy pepper diesel smell an it smells so dam good. To look at it’s just like it smells so good, its covered in trichomes too to bottom a super formed dense bud with a great cure an trim job. The pics do not do this bud justice.


The effects are pretty darn good with this with a few bits on the vapouriser I could feel my self de stressing an starting to unwind pretty quick. This has a great body an head high to it my eyes feel heavy yet my body feels nice an light I can see .e getting a good night’s sleep with this strain

***Flavour ***

Flavour is a full on dank sweet taste I mean it has a great diesel inhale with the deep sweet peppery taste but on the exhaleYou get that sweet dank sour profile an it’s so tasty I can see it not lasting me long at all


Great night time smoke this one it’s full on relax mode. I must say that it is a must have in anyone’s stash I’m sure you will not be disappointed. Its so moreish and the effects are way up there if you are looking for that extra slap. One of the best sour diesels around and high quality as always from Graded Green.