Super banana og – Graded Green

super banana og

A massive thanks for the care package guys as always it’s truly appreciated as always and this super banana og is next level. Yet again you have outdone yourself with another killer flower, just when you think things can’t get better then you bring out the next strain that rocks


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Strain: Super banana og

Strength: 27% cbd

*** looks and smell***

Yet again gradedgreens out done themselves with this super banana og. The looks on this bud speaks an million words to me an the smell is dank as it comes. Just look at these super dense buds I mean they are just what I like in a flower. Cured to perfection, covered in beautiful trichomes, stunning greens plenty’s of rusty brown/orange shoots. This flower is absolutely stinking the place up. I mean it’s a real deep zesty fruity smell with them dank og undertones that lingers in the air for ever. It smells so dam good


This for me is an absolute winner. A great evening smoke to finish the day off. Super body relaxing the sofa just feeling so dam good right now. As for my head this flower makes me forget I had any anxiety an stress of the day. It’s just want I look for in a flower an this one ticks all the boxes for me.

***Flavour ***

After banging a load in to the dynavap the flavour is a dank kushy one. The inhale that is not harsh at all. With a sweet exhale that sticks to the pallet for ages. Definitely makes you want to smoke more or in my case vape more. This is a great tasting flower. If like me love the finer flavours in life this is one for you. It’s quite unique in its own way like many other banana strains but this super banana rocks.


This is a heavy hitter an a great all rounder. A definite must for anyone who wants to chill the hell out along with clearing the mind and sole