Terps – MangoMyth

Well this is a first for me to review a terps profile of any kind so be prepared for a long post. I bought 2 profiles from the guys over at @mangomyth420 as I had spoke to a couple of people who use these and they was highly recommend.

***To start***

So I added up mango an had a little chat with the owner who is very down to earth. Also very knowledgeable indeed. I mean he knows so much an in this industry. It’s all about learning from others and he is a knowledge power bank when it comes to terps.

I mean he knows his products and has produced some very interesting top quality terps. After a good chat with Dan he helped me to understand a little more and on terp profiles. Also what adding that little extra can do for you.

I got some of my extract labs og kush that is a great extract. I decided on adding some mango kush isolate from mango. By some I mean like 1 drop in to half a gram of extract. These isolates from mango are super strong an not much is needed at all.

I bought 2ml an that will give up to 40 doses if you use it in a volcano vaporiser. That just goes to show how far these products will go in terms of the amount u get for your money.

This og extract alone is absolutely great I love it an it got a high score in my Reviews. But after adding this mango kush isolate and leaving it 2 days to soak up into the crumble my gosh was it worth the 2 day wait.

mango / og extract

It’s super smooth to vape and makes the og kush just pop with that extra smooth mango after taste.

It is very calming and 100% feeling it in my eyes. Normally for me my dab is say 3 grains of rice worth. But I decided to try this with 1 grains worth to see what the effects are like.

An it’s made my extract even stronger. It really is unbelievable what this has done to a great product. It’s made it a super product that’s even better than it already was. Didn’t think that would be possible but Mango myth wasn’t joking when he said take it easy 1 drop is all that it needed.

***Overall*** 10/10

This is such a game changer. Highly recommend that if you are looking for that special something to make you feel on top of the world. This is all you need this in your life.