Wedding cake – Canevolve

wedding cake

This is my first look at the new Wedding cake from Canevolve uk. Well to start of I got to say thank you to canevolve for such a huge package, I am totally blow away with the selection you have sent me. It has took my breath away I’m in total shock what you sent. This lot will keep me going for a while that’s for sure.

Check this guy out people as they now sell to the general public an have a massive selection at fantastic prices. (Some great savings on at the moment)

Strain: wedding cake

Strength: 99% 1g terpene infused isolate

*** looks and smell***

So the jars are fantastic and the label is very clear bright and eye catching. Great job on that front guys.

So the looks of this is a creamy milky colour that is all ground up in to a fine powder with a few lumps for good measure. It’s got a real earthy tone to it that is some what peppery with a sweet fruity aroma. This one smells great.

wedding cake canevolve


After loading the puffco vision chamber am hitting it 3 heat cycles one after another, I can sadly say that I feel lazy much to the wife’s dismay. I’m feeling very relaxed with this one my eyes are definitely heavy compared to before hitting this one. I am getting them warm rushes and can feel my face all flushed. This one is great for me to unwind with at the end of the day. Just what the doctor ordered.

***Flavour ***

Full on earthy/peppery sweet inhale that is creamy and smooth.

The exhale is a fruity sweet flavour that is not overpowering a real subtle fruity earthy taste that clings to the tongue for a while


This is a promising start with this product from canevolve uk being the first time I’ve tried any of there products. This is a great evening strain for me and a must try people. Well done guys an I look forward to trying the rest