zkittles – Graded Green

zkittles graded green

First of all I’d like to say a massive thanks to the guys over at @gradedgreen for sending me some top flower to review including this Zkittles. My over all experience has been banging and I for one will be a returning customer to graded they have so much more I want to try. If you are looking for quality flowers the do check them out


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Also a massive thanks to maca_cbdbudz For the hook up. Right here we go guys 5 of a 5 part review As I have 5 strains from @gradedgreen to try.

Its a sad day I’ve finally finished them reviews

Strain: zkittles

*** looks and smell***

This bud is very sexy look well formed and nice an compact like I mean really compact. The smell you are greeted with is a sweet smelling floral zesty dank piney earthy smell. It is definitely a great smelling flower. Its covered in lovely dark and light orange hair’s. It’s a deep green in colour on the out side. Soon as you open it them lovely light greens shine as they are covered in trichomes. Once in the grinder it fluffs up great an is full of sticky oils .

mig vapour Khan


The effects this has had on me is great I feel very relaxed Ake’s an pains drifting away. Yet I feel very much awake and focused. It has a great body high to this one not to heavy and the ride is nice an smooth. Definitely a all day smoke an no problems it being a wake and bake I won’t end up back in bed asleep after

***Flavour ***

The flavour from this one was a little confusing at first I wasn’t sure how to explain it. But after thinking about what it is like there is only one way to explain it. Its a deep earthy taste on the inhale but the exhale u get that zesty citrus skunky earthy taste that is pretty dank tasting. Its a great flavour and stays with you for a while.

***Conclusion*** 9/10

Over all this is a great day time strain and is well formed, give you that boost you need when needed. I’m sure if you love dank tasting flower then this one will be the one for you