Blue dream – The goods

blue dream

So I bought some of the goods blue dream extract from Hempelf as these guys stock the complete range to review. Thank you for the super quick delivery

strain : blue dream

Cbd content: 80%

Sourced from :

Manufacturer: @thegoods_cbd

***Looks and smell***

Yet again mother fine looking wax from the guys over at the goods. Just look at the shards I pulled out absolutely stunning. The smell from this is fruity sweet citrus smell. I can put my finger on one distinct smell. But it smells great never the less an makes my nose tingle


I’m getting alot of mixed fruits from this one its very pleasing on the pallet. It’s got that cool inhale of Berry’s an a citrus exhale, it’s a complex profile alot going on with the flavour but very flavoursome an worth buying again and again


The effects from this are great I mean I felt super chilled and the sofa wrapped me up tight for a good half hour an my eyes were feeling the strain. This one has a great body high from my experience yet kept the mind sharp an focused

***Conclusion*** 8.5/10

This is a great wax an a real pleasure to dab. It gets you where you need an want to be. great job guys with this one an I will 100% be buying again