Blue Razz – The Goods

blue razz

My first extract I’ve tried the blue razz from the guys over at @thegoods_cbd and a massive shout to my guy maca_cbdbudz For sending a little care pack your a star bro thank you

strain : Blue razz

Cbd content: 80% 1g crumble

Sourced from : maca_cbdbudz

Manufacturer: The goods cbd

***Looks and smell***

Well soon as you see the package with the foods logo on I knew I was in for a treat. Opening the jar I was greeted with some fine looking amber sugar looking nuggets. These things just look amazing. The smell you get from the jar is a sweet sort or sour smell not overly pungent smell but definitely a fruity zingy smell to it

blue razz
blue razz extract
the goods blue razz


Well when it comes to flavour when I vape I find blue raspberry quite bland no matter how many juices I’ve tried this flavour is not a profile I normally pick. But this little golden amber nug when vaporised has a suitable fruity taste to it, it’s not overly powerful on flavour for me as blue raspberry is not my cup of tea normally. But this is a tasty extract that I would buy an recommend to anyone .


This is one fast hitting extract I mean within 2 seconds on the exhale an bang slap to the face hit with a warm rush that spread like wild fire across my hole body. It is an absolute heavenly feeling that warm wave that surges through your body that is totally mind melting. A great example of what us users look for instant relief

***Conclusion*** 10/10

More than happy with this extract, it’s great tasting mind melting body relaxing heavenly goodness in a tiny jar. Definitely recommend this one for sure.