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blue berry sherbet

This blueberry sherbet though from the guys over @thecbdcenter is off the chain. I cant thank you enough for my order I placed and the fast delivery. These guys are always producing quality flower

Grab yours now the cheapest in the uk


*** looks and smell***

well what a great looking blueberry sherbet bud, smells great out the packet you get that earthy dank smell with a mixed sweet smell, not over powering but smells great with nice solid buds that very dence and cured just right , has lovely mixed greens colours with some pale greens and with a nice shine to it and covered in trichomes, not much stalk at all like next to none in the 1/4 I got


This is has a nice mellow vibe so far and relaxing so still being able to get on with things, granted I haven’t gone ott with it to start with but I’m sure I will. It was a little bit on the crisp side but nothing a little re hydrate won’t solve

***Flavour ***

Flavour is very nice , fresh with that earthy taste with a sweet undertone, it’s definitely makes your mouth water an want another toke before I knew it I’d smoke the whole blunt

***Conclusion*** 9/10

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed at all. Well done the cbd center on bringing this great looking and tasting bud to market. An this is priced at the cheapest in the UK at the moment so grab some today