Bubba Kush – The Dispensary CBD

bubba kush

So this Bubba Kush is 5 out of 6 strains for review from the guys over at @thedispensarycbd.

I don’t know what happened to these guys they just vanished in to thin air. Such a shame as they had plenty of low prices and the care package they sent me was very kind of them indeed.

Strain: Bubba Kush

*** looks and smell***

This one has got a very unique aroma to it, it hard to put a finger on one distinct smell as it has so many coming through at once. Its kind of a musky cakey smell, with a sweet fresh Coco sort of smell not quite chocolatey but definitely very very unique that does have you trying to think what the hell is that smell.Looks it’s a nice size nug that is light green an pale in places with some deep orange almost brown hairs on. It is a nice compact bud an grinds up well.


Well the effects I got from this were a complete letdown from the look and smell of it I was hoping for a much better effects but for me this has had little a effect. Its not a heavy one at all for me. Feel maybe a little less tension but not enough after a 5 minute session on the old khan vapouriser

***Flavour ***

Flavour on this did not taste like it smelt at all was expecting something cakey but to be honest it was a little harsh on the throat and it tasted ok had a little sweetness to it but nothing that really stood out to me that’s took to my liking


Good looking flower an very unique smelling flower, this is a bud that’s not for me at all such a shame but that’s the way it goes at times can’t love em all