GG4 –

So this is a for review from the guys over at and their GG4 strain. Thank you very much for the care package it’s very much appreciated. Delivery was spot on no troubles at all.

Strain: gg4

26% cbd

*** looks and smell***

This bud is quite well formed, it has plenty of trichome coverage. Quite dark in places with some real deep orange shoots almost brown to look at. As soon as you open the package. You are greeted with a deep earthy woody tones with a spicy dank backend. It’s got a sweet sort of mid tone to It. Over all it smells great and definitely a great smelling bud. Just looking at it an feeling it this bud would be great to press as it’s full with sweet sticky oils that stick to the finger. But still dry enough to touch if that makes sense. It has a fair amount of sweet leaf at the bottom of the bud but that’s probably due to the fact it’s off the lower part of the plant. Not complaining though as it does the job


This has some nice chilled effects to it and a real heavy hitter being 26%. I am feeling quite relaxed right now though after hitting this. My aches an pains have subsided an my eyes are feeling a little more on the heavy side. I do feel like this one makes me get side tracks even writing this I keep drifting away from what I’m meant to be doing.

***Flavour ***

Flavour has that pungent earthy sort of diesely taste to it. It’s not harsh to smoke an has a sweet kind of taste to it. It’s very much like other gg I have tried an is a great all round tasting bud.


Very well a evening smoke for me a heavy hitting relaxing vibe on this one. Would recommend this one for sure great job guys another great strain