Grapefruit –


So this is a for review from the guys over at thank you very much for the care package and this grapefruit strain. It’s very much appreciated and this is the last one from my care package thanks again guys for sending me 3 great strains can’t wait to see what you bring in the near future.

Strain: grapefruit

*** looks and smell***

First off soon as you open the pack. You are greeted with a sweet dank citrus fruity bust to the nose. Then you get that earthy piney backend. It’s smells absolutely divine I love a fruity dank smelling bud. The bud itself is solid is a pale green with plenty of colour to it with many deep rusty brown/Orange shoots. Trichomes are all over this an when u break it open there is even more that glisten in the light. Trim job is pretty good an cured just right. Was a little dry when I got it but a quick rehydrate an she’s bouncing fit again.


Not so much of a heavy Vibe to this one. It’s quite relaxing yet uplifting. Feeling very clear headed an feel like I could easily use this as a day time strain as I can still function just fine..

***Flavour ***

Quite a nice smoke very fruity on the inhale. Would say grapefruit but very citrus like with that earthy dank skunky taste to it. To be fair it’s not to bad at all and very enjoyable


Good all rounder, great for getting things done a good daytime strain, a must try for anyone who likes there sweet smelling dankness