Mendocino Purple –

Mendocino Purple

First looks at this Mendocino Purple. So this is a for review from the guys over at thank you very much for the care package it’s very much appreciated

Strain: Mendocino Purple


*** looks and smell***

What can I say, upon opening the seal on the packet. You are instantly hit with a deep rich pungent dank smell. This is very earthy an musky with woody notes. it’s a real nose clinger that lingers for a while. It’s also got a citrus zest on the back end after that first hit of musky earthy dankness. The bud was a bit to dry when opening the packet. I find no problems as a quick rehydration does the trick. It’s a well formed bud that’s quite hard and I found 3 seeds so far in the small bud I have. First time I’ve found any in cbd so I think it’s a bonus


This is a heavy hitter, a great strain for pain relief and relaxation. After a few hits on my vaporiser I can feel my akes from the hard day’s graft fade away. An I’ve had a long hard day and my back was in bits until I hit this. My eyes are feeling heavy an can say this will definitely help me get that well needed sleep.

***Flavour ***

Flavour reminds me of a kind of old school solid kind of vibe. Where it’s very musky on the inhale like this is. It’s got that real dank earthy sweetness to it on the exhale. Almost like a little perfume so to speak it’s very pleasing to vape an can’t complain.


Well over all I’m quite impressed with this strain. I have learnt over the last year never judge a book by its cover. This has great effects and does the job nicely so do give it a try people.