Midwest – the dispensary cbd

So this is Midwest 3 out of 6 for review from the guys over at @thedispensarycbd.

Thank you for all the strains you guys sent in this mega care package

Strain: Midwest

*** looks and smell***

So upon opening the packet I was instantly hit with a dank smelling floral aroma. On closer inspection and a good sniff of this bud you get a real deep musky peppery sweet smell. It has a great dank smell to it for sure. When I took the buds from the pack. First impression is it doesn’t look like it smells if that makes sense.

The buds are dense in places but leafy in others. The trim job is not the greatest on this but it is very sticky and grinds up well. Its got some deep and light greens and brown colour in places. The trichomes are a real deep orange/brown colour in places. It has plenty of orange shoots in places too. I have learnt over the year not to judge a book by it’s cover. So I never go on looks along. Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen so much worse looking buds in my time. So this is a average looking bud..


So the effects on this are very light nothing heavy about it. I’m feeling uplifted an focused on things in front of me. I’m a bit of a drifter when it comes to concentration always have been. But this is definitely one for the day time if you have stuff to do yet quite relaxed at the same time. My anxiety is drifting away and that’s always a plus for me.

***Flavour ***

This has a sweet dank flavour to it you get that sweetness like taste but it’s a nice tasting flower for sure. It is a nice smoke and goes down a treat, it’s not harsh on the throat at all. It does say this has a cherry overtone to it but I don’t taste and cherry at all. Its got a sweet floral taste to it and itis morish


Great day time strain for sure. Don’t get me wrong it’s not the best to look at. But it’s a good strain an easy to smoke would be a great wake and bake for sure.