Mojito – The Goods

mojito the goods

Yet again im looking at the Goods cbd this one is the Mojito. Thank you for the super fast delivery of my package Hempelf. Super service as always

strain : mojito

Cbd content: 80%

Sourced from : @the_hempelf

Manufacturer: @Thegoods_cbd

***Looks and smell***

This one is a great smelling extract, as soon as you pop the security seal on the jar you get hit straight in the nose with that minty zesty lime. I mean this thing is packed full of them smelly terps that get the senses flowing. Can’t smell any chemicals just straight up mint and lime. These are some clean looking shards of amber glass that are soft yet still quite strong when it comes to breaking them up.


Flavour on this has got a real minty kick on the exhale with that fresh lime zest. I mean the mint took my breath away to start with was if it was a kind of menthol kick. The fruityness of the lime is absolutely great this profile is a pleasure to dab it’s totally refreshing an this on a summer’s day would go down a absolute treat.


This is a uplifting clear headed kind of feel to it nothing to heavy on the eyes so still function just fine. This is a great day time strain for me but it doesn’t mean that this has little effect it is still up with the heavyweights in my opinion as my body feels relaxed an stress is a zero.

***Conclusion*** 9/10

This is a great flavour profile and is so tasty . If you are looking for a clear headed uplifting vibe then this one is for you. Great job guys yet another great product from you, look forward to trying more in the future