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pineapple crush

First look at this pineapple crush. No filters needed on this pineapple crush from the guys over at cbd flower shop

First off thank you to the guys over at the cbd flower shop who approached me asking if they could send a couple of bits for Reviewing by myself. The first ever cbd I tried was from these guys an it’s a pleasure to review these 2 strains.

Strain: pineapple crush

*** looks and smell***

Looks of this pineapple crush are amazing the buds are dense and well cured and very well formed. I mean these are solid buds that hood there shape well. The bud has plenty of trichomes all over the place, had deep almost brown shoots coming out of it. It’s a darkish green in colour yet with some pales coming through nicely. The smell on this is a dank fruity smell to it, a beautiful zesty dank aroma that sticks to the nose so well an lingers

the cbd flower shop


This strain is an indica dominant plant so it is a great pain reliever and definitely one that has made me feel at ease. My eyes do feel a little heavy after just one hit on the dynavap, my body is feeling quite relaxed an also clear headed.

***Flavour ***

Flavour is a deep dank sweet zesty kinda Vibe to it but also has a must earthy kinda aftertaste but still that zesty fruityness that lingers on the pallet. Definitely recommend if you love your deep dark dank


This is a great evening smoke an does just what I want it to do. Calming relaxing and packed full of flavour. A must try and don’t let the low 8%+ cbd content put you off this one works wonders