Pistachio – The CBD Center


Over all I’m impressed this is the second one I’ve tried from the cbd center their Pistachio is great and these guys are picking the right stuff to sell that’s for sure.

Well worth checking this company out


*** looks and smell***

well after my first impressions of this Pistachio being what a great looking bud. Smells great out the packet you get that earthy smell with a little bit of a mixed nutty smell. Not over powering but smells great with nice solid bud. Has lovely green colour with a nice shine to it and covered in trichomes and is nice and dry just how I like it


Such a soothing feeling an anxious feelings drifted away. This is not overly strong an has a nice feeling mellow and relaxed. Yet still able to get on with things. One for the day time for me as this is defo a uplifting kind of feel to it.

***Flavour ***

Flavour is very nice , fresh with that earthy nutty taste to it definitely a tasty treat for me


I’m sure you will not be let down at all. Well done the cbd center on bringing this great looking and tasting bud to market. I can not wait to get my lips round the rest of the buds I have