Sherlato – The cbd center


Over all I’m impressed the Sherlato is a banger. I’ve tried a few now from the cbd center and these guys are producing some great products.

Remember you can check them out:

*** looks and smell***

well what a great looking bud of Sherlato, smells great out the packet you get that earthy smell with a little bit of a mixed sweet smell, not over powering but smells great with nice solid bud, has lovely mixed greens colours with some deep orange hairs chucked in for good luck with a nice shine to it and covered in trichomes.


This is not overly strong an has a nice feeling mellow and relaxed yet still able to get on with things for a while until I got the body high an just sat chilling out before I knew it 2 hours had passed, one for the day time for me as this is defo a uplifting kind of feel to it.

***Flavour ***

Flavour is very nice , fresh with that earthy taste with a super sweet undertone. It’s not got that harsh taste like most I’ve tried from others brands.


I’m sure you won’t be disappointed at all. Well done the cbd center on bringing this great looking and tasting bud to market. I can not wait to get my lips round the rest of the buds I have from these guys. They have set the bar and alot of people need to take not on what they are selling. The cbd center have worked hard to pick the right strains at great prices.