T2 – TheDispensaryCBD


So this is the T2 strain and is 2 out of the 6 strains for review from the guys over at @thedispensarycbd

Strain: T2

As always I’m grateful for all the strains sent for review and I can not wait to try the rest

*** looks and smell***

So the looks on this bud are pretty good, it is a well formed bud very sticky to touch an you can feel it in the grinder but it grinds up well. The trim job is ok still a few small leaves left on the bud nothing major tho, Its covered in trichomes and is a very deep brown shoots all over. It is a very nice greeny brown bud. It smells very sweet in the packet, a dank woody earthy sweet smell to it. But it’s more on the sweet side with a kind of spicey back end to it..


Well as for effects I can’t say it’s one to write home about, but that’s just me I don’t feel to much from it no warm fuzzy feeling across the body, maybe a little clear headed but nothing overwhelming at all. It may be just me and this strain is not for me. Others may find it works well for them. I guess this would make a good day time smoke if your looking for something that’s nice tasting.

***Flavour ***

Its a deep musky flavour with a real earthy taste to it. It does have that sweetness there on the exhale but it’s soon over taken with that deep earthy dank flavour that sticks and lingers for a while.


Well it’s a great formed bud with plenty of stickiness to it smells great just not one for me. I guess that’s the way it goes some times with different strains effect people on different ways