Tropical Citrus – The Goods

Tropical Citrus the goods

Once again here we go with another product from The Goods their Tropical Citrus extract. Thank you for the super fast delivery Hempelf you guys rock.

strain : tropical citrus

Cbd content: 80%

Sourced from : @thehempelf

Manufacturer: @thegoods_cbd

***Looks and smell***

Well as soon as you break the seal on the little glass jar you are hit with a sweet citrus zest. I mean this is a pungent smelling extract it’s real fruity. You get that sweet sweet ripe pineapple juice smell right off the bat. Doesn’t smell like chemical at all just pure fruity goodness. The looks of this is like a amber shard of glass. It’s very waxy in consistency an not to hard to break up yet holds its shape well.


Such a pleasure to dab this one. Very fruity almost like drinking a cold tropical can from the fridge. The pineapple is the first thing I could taste it’s got another that I can’t quite put my finger on maybe mangoy. It’s not harsh at all could easily dab this all day for flavour alone


This one has a great mood enhancer I mean I been grumpy as all day at work come home had a bash on this an I’m right where I need to be. It’s helped take my mind off the fact I was feeling quite tired an in a bit of pain in my knees so that’s a plus for me

***Conclusion*** 9/10

A great way to end the day, flavour and effects are spot on. Great job from the guys over at @thegoods_cbd for being a great extract to market. Definitely one I will be keeping topped up on