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White widow

Here we have it 1 of 6 part review for the guys over at @thedispensarycbd starting with their White widow strain.

First off thank you very much for the huge review pack it was colossal even though only 6 strains but just a huge hats off to you for that.

Strain: white widow

*** looks and smell***

Looks on this big bud speak for them self’s, it’s got lovely shades of green and is quite pale in places due to the amount of trichomes all over it. I mean this bud shines in the light. Its a well formed bud an is not to dry an fluffs up great in the grinder. Yes there is a stalk running through the bud but it’s to be expected with ant large bud. As for the smell of this as soon as it hits the nostrils right away it takes me back 20 years to the glory days of what white widow smells like. Its quite pungent with a dank earthy sweet smelling aroma. When cracked out u get that true widow earthy smell an it makes me want it even more.


This strain is a great for pain relief but also gives you that clear headed feeling. I can feel it rushing all over my body with a kind of euphoric body high to it, this could be a great all day smoke if like me you only use very small amounts in a vaporiser or if your packing out them blunts in the evening you will definitely sleep well.

***Flavour ***

What can I say this is a every rich deep earthy taste with that sweet skunky taste on the back end. This is as close as I think you will get to the true taste of white widow with buying the cannabis strain, it is so morish and can see this not lasting long in my possession.

***Conclusion*** 9/10

What a first impression from this company, very generous with the reviewer pack, very well priced I mean like £4 a gram this company are going to turn some heads that’s for sure. Such a great start with this killer white widow.