Mr Nice – Hemp & Herb

Mr.Nice hemp and herb

Firstly got to give a massive thank you as always to the team over at hemp and herb for this Mr Nice. It’s always a pleasure reviewing your products and service is always on point

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Strain: Mr Nice

Strength: ~17%

*** looks and smell***

Just look at this new strain Mr Nice. This strain really lives up to its name with its looks, structure and it’s aromas. It’s a really well forms bud that is nice and dense. It has a mix of dark and pale greens with some deep purples coming though from the inside out. This bud is covered in beautiful orange pistols and the trichome coverage is a spectacular sight. The aroma is that of a sweet berry medley. It’s got some deep skunky earthy undertones to it. I love the looks and smell of this one. Great job guys.


This one for me is a great way to end the day and at ~17% this one is a real contender for some of these so called high 20s to 30% strains. My eyes are feeling this one for sure an my body is so relaxed and ready for sleep. A great way to medicate if your looking for that stronger deeper effect. With only using my dynavap I can say this flower is a power house for effects.

***Flavour ***

Flavour is a smooth earthy skunky inhale. The exhale I’m getting a sweet fruity skunk profile. It’s not like anything I’ve had for a while. Nice an unique and very moreish.


Such a great strain an I love this one a lot can see it doing well as a nigh time strain for me. Or if I need that extra kick in the day this will sure do what I need it to. Great job guys can’t wait for the next instalment.