24k – Hemp and Herb

24k hemp and herb

As always a massive thank you to the hemp and her team for reaching out to me and proving another fantastic strain of theirs 24k. Remember to check them out and save a extra 15% off your orders.


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Strain: 24k

Strength: ~17%

*** looks and smell***

As always another high quality looking strain from hemp an herb. This bud is a nice dense bulbous nuggets. They are cured to perfection with a trim job to match. The colours on this are stunning a mix of light an dark greens with a sea of orange golden shots all o et the place. As for the aroma I’m getting a sweet zest with a slight earthy back end. Once it hits the grinder the zesty goodness just sings.

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With this one I am feeling pretty chilled right now. A very good evening strain for me. This has helped me settle down for the evening an definitely got me in the zen zone. Just relaxing watching tv a great way to end the day. I must say I’m liking this one.

***Flavour ***

The flavour from this on the inhale in the dynavap is a fresh airy sweet inhale. The exhale is a sweet earthy profile that is very much an interesting flavour that works just right. It’s not harsh in anyway. Just an all round nice tasting flower that lingers on the pallet. Great job guys


Yet again another banging strain for me, flavour and the effects are just what I look for in a flower. I just love how far cbd has come over the last year and hemp and herb are always producing quality flower from my experience. Can not wait for the next instalment guys thanks again for the hook up.