Caramelo – Herbaleyes

caramelo herbaleyes

So this Caramelo is a for review from the guys over at Herbaleyes. I cant thank you enough for sending this out to me in my care package. I’m very humbled by it and can not wait to tuck in to this one.

Strain: Caramelo

Strength: 18% cbd

*** looks and smell***

This strain absolutely smells to high heaven such a pungent sweet dank smelling bud. Its got that deep Diesel dank smell with a big sweet slap to the face. This bud is a fine example of top quality a grade cbd flower should be like. This bud is nice an dry well cured an pretty dense with a decent trim job, totally covered in trichomes that shimmer in the light an is sticky to touch yet still dry if that makes sense.


This one is definitely a great mood stabilizer for me being a grumpy old guy that I have become this strain has got me chilled right out. Its not to heavy on the eyes but a great body high to it. My back pain has eased right off an I feel alive an full of beans right now.

***Flavour ***

This is another level of dank, it’s got that deep Diesel dank full on flavour with a sweet back end to it that sticks on the pallet for what seams like forever. You get that light grassy citrus sweetness with that deep dank earthy musky full on start to finish.


This is a great all day strain for me an feel this would be a great wake an bake an on the other hand just as good at night. Its a all round winner for me an can see it not lasting long at all.