Chiquita banana – Herbaleyes

chiquita banana

Massive shouts to my guys over at @herbaleyes_uk for sending me some of their latest products to review and boy this new strain chiquita banana.

Picture speaks for its self can not wait to get started on this

Strength: 27% CBDA

Strain: Chiquita banana

*** looks and smell***

First looks on this is it’s a well trimmed well cured bud. Still has couple sweet leaf’s there but no biggy. This bud has some lovely dark green colour with some light patches too. With a ton of deep dark rusty orange shoots an is covered in shiny glass looking crystals. The buds are quite dense with a little stalk running through the middle. As soon as you open the jar you get that deep kushy earthy smell then comes the sweet fruity smell. It’s like the smell of green bananas not overly pungent but it’s there hiding behind that dank smelling goodness


Well this strain has made me feel at ease with one’s self after the of stress. I feel very heavy eyed an the sofa is feeling quite good. This strain is a great night time smoke an definitely one for people who suffer with pain. My back Ake has vanished an that’s always a plus. I don’t feel all up tight like I have done the last few days. So I can see this being a good stress relief for people like me that is highly strung at times.

***Flavour ***

Flavour is very nice indeed with a deep dank earthy taste on the inhale. Mixed with that musky fruitiness on the exhale. It is a solid strain an reminds me of a banana kush I’ve tried. A very unique flavour an the aroma to suite.

***Conclusion*** 9/10

This is a very unique tasting flower that is a great hitter works well as a evening strain for me. But if you are looking for that relief from all the stresses of the world or for that pain to ease. Then this strain is the one for you. Great job @herbaleyes_uk for sure an bringing yet another great flower to market