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purple diesel

Just want to say first of all a huge thanks to the team over at herbaleyes_uk for hooking me up with a few bits to review including this purple diesel. It’s always a pleasure dealing with you and I’m always very humbled when you send me care packages to review. Total legends an always looking after an support you have given me over the last year it’s deeply appreciated

Manufacturer: herbaleyes_uk

Vendor: herbaleyes.co.uk

Strength: 0.5g cbd 95%

Flavour profile: purple diesel

***Packaging and looks***

Soon as I opened the packing that it was delivered in. I was greeted with their black mayler bags with there green and purple logo on. This always stand out on the black Packaging. The looks of this extract are amazing looks like a slab of sweet sugar. This extract shines in the light an is well formed and looks very clean. It breaks up with ease yet still brittle an still holds shape doesn’t turn to dust.

***Flavour and smell***

Soon as you crack open the seal on the bag you are hit with that formidable kushy diesel smell. That is of a dank earthy aroma yet has that sweetness as well. I never used to be a diesel fan when I smoked thc. Over the last year diesel extracts have definitely changed my kind on the strain profile. This definitely has a dank aroma to it that fills the air.


Well after dabbing a large match head in the puffco vision. I’m feeling like my cheeks are glowing, my mind is clear an feeling very much at ease with one’s self. This is a solid profile. If you are looking to unwind an forget all the strains that life chucks your way. I must say that this is definitely a great mood booster and uplifting effects are GREAT. I can still get on with my day if I really wanted to. So I say this a great day or night time strain

*** Over all***

Packaging 4/5

Looks and smells 5/5

Effects 5/5

Great job on this one herbaleyes_uk, it’s a great all rounder an does just what I want it to do. A must try if you haven’t an the price on this is great to, so do Check them out guys