Sherberleto – Herbaleyes


First off thank you fop this Sherberleto. This is one of my winnings from the guys over @herbaleyes_uk delivery was super quick and I am very impressed.

Strain: sherberleto

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***Looks and smell***

Yet another fine example of a quality bud from the guys over at herbaleyes. The looks on this bud are stunning it’s a pale green in colour. With some rusty orange/brown shoots that just crying out smoke me. This bud is covered in trichomes it just shimmers in the light it’s such a good looking bud. The smell of this is a sweet earthy almost cheese like smell. It has a almost sour diesel pungent sweet dank news to it. There is not one smell I can put my nose to but God dam its so good. It’s got it all going on for sure. With a great cure and trim it also grinds up really well fluffs up nice. It has a sticky feel to it yet is cured just right


Well straight away with in 5 puffs of the vaporizer I could feel this beautiful bud doing its job. I feel totally chilled out right now an clear headed. But as I write this I can feel my eyes taking a heavy lean to one side. A great head heavy strain. It has got me to right where I want to be in the evening after a day’s graft. Totally mellowed out an really chilled out could almost go to bed early on this strain


This sherberleto is a sweet tasting flower. It has a dank sweet inhale that instant makes you want more. Reminds me of a old cheese thc strain that has been around for many years. On the exhale you get that woody kind of sour diesel dank to it with a creamy after tone. An all round flavour power house an one I will be smoking more of


My final thoughts are this is a great strain for the evening or if you are look for that heavy hitting cbd for pain relief that tastes great then this is the strain for you. Well done guys. I must say I’ve enjoyed all 4 strains I received from you. I highly recommend your company to anyone looking for top quality products