Stardawg – Herbaleyes

Just a sexy bit of stardawg from the guys over @herbaleyes_uk just look at it shine. Many thansk for the fast delivery and the quality products.

Strain: stardawg

Check them out guys:

***Looks and smell***

This bud speaks a thousand words just looking at it and it sparkling with trichomes I mean this thing is covered all over. A nice dry bud that is sticky to touch where its covered an I mean covered in sticky goodness. It has some golden orange shoots to add to its glamour. It grinds up well even though it’s sticky. The smell on this is a beautiful sweet lemony earthy musky peppery smell that’s almost haze like smell. Its so dam good I could sniff the jar all day long


The effects on this are absolutely just what I needed after a long day on the grind at work. I feel at total peace with my self and feel like the sofa is wrapping it’s self round me. My eyes are feeling heavy yet my mind is clear of all the stresses from the day. This strain is one of my top choice at the moment for a right relaxed evening an a good night’s sleep.


This has a great sweet fruity taste to it as soon an you start to inhale, it lingers on the tongue an is very morish, but on the exhale you get that peppery earthy dank taste. This bud is right up there for all you flavour chasers


This is a great evening smoke an has great calming effect, it’s a great one to have right before bed that’s for sure or if you like that heavy hitter for pain relief and to sooth them nerve’s then this is one you must have in your stash. Great job guys